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June 2004

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June 30

There wasn't a June 29 entry because late last night my ISP decided it needed to take a break. When I'd try to connect, I'd get an error message. I finally decided I'd had enough fun for one evening, and went to sleep.

Part of the evening's fun (pre-ISP blackout) was dealing with a freelance client's latest project. She was getting some message indicating that her attachments to e-mail were being blocked. She wrote to ask me to unblock them, assuming it was on my end. Yes, you're guessing right if your guess is that she was blocking herself by accident.

We finally got that sorted out, and the project was completed this morning. I spent a little time tonight deleting truncated versions of attachments.

At the law firm, things are busy this week. We've had a client come in for estate planning work whose health has taken a bad turn, so this afternoon was spent getting his documents in order. Sometimes the best-laid plans for getting things done have to be rescheduled in favor of the more urgent needs.

Although that more-urgent-need principle always is the case at the law firm, in this particular instance the attorney whose work got put back several spots on the to-do list is also the attorney whose client needed to be bumped to the head of the list. That was convenient for me; I didn't have to tell her why the rest of the work she'd requested was delayed.

And I'm still a tiny bit behind on routine things from being out on Monday. This afternoon I asked my coworkers to remind me that if I need to be out sick another Monday, I should come in over the prior weekend to get things done so I wouldn't be so far behind when I got back.

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