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June 2004

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June 28

Somewhere along the line, I picked up a virus of the human variety. I have spent most of the day sleeping, and I'm feeling a bit better tonight.

The other thing that has made the night pleasant was a chance to get to talk with my best friend. Donna and I don't get to talk all that often, but when we do we pretty much pick up where we left off the last conversation. I love that we can do that.

I think I need more sleep now.

June 27

I was telling this bit of family history to a friend today, and thought I'd share it here. My friend had mentioned something which reminded me of an incident that happened when Aunt Rebecca died. She was to be buried in the family plot in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which is where she and Mother grew up. It's about 100 miles northeast of Dallas, where we were living.

Because of the distance involved and the need for travel on the interstate, we weren't in a regular funeral procession. Mother and I were in one of the funeral home's limousines, with Aunt Rebecca's husband (who was also my cousin on my dad's side, so I didn't call him my uncle) and a driver.

The driver was trying to stay fairly close to the other limo, because he wasn't absolutely sure of the route once we got off the interstate. Mother said that was a good idea, but not to worry, she'd help. After all, she knew the area!

Well, not so good on either of their parts. The driver lost the other car in traffic. Mother was convinced she saw the other car, and had the driver following it. It was indeed a large black car. It was not, however, the other limo.

It was a carful of nuns heading to an ice cream parlor. Mercifully, someone in the ice cream parlor's parking lot knew where the cemetery was. We were only a few minutes later getting there than the hearse and the other limo, and they hadn't started the service since the widower was with us....

Needless to say, this has been told at countless family gatherings since.

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