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June 2004

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June 16

Don't tell him, but Younger Partner is pretty much firmly under the paw of office Golden Retriever Zoe. He still thinks he's immune to her charms. Not the case.

Oh, he swears up and down that he won't feed her, and so far he's managed to stick to that one by having someone else do it for him if he has something to share. He's happy to put the food on a paper plate, but someone else has to give it to Zoe.

But in other ways, he's a goner. He's even been known to pat her head, when her head magically appeared beneath his hand one afternoon. But as I asked above, don't tell him. It's best to let Zoe bring him along, ever so slowly, until he discovers it on his own and is pleased about it.

The latest piece of evidence was late this afternoon, when he was ending a meeting with a new client. As he and the client left the conference room, Zoe walked up to the client to check out this stranger. The client obviously didn't mind at all, and asked who she was as he patted her head.

Younger Partner answered, "This is Zoe. She runs the office."

I was in the lobby, too, and introduced myself, using my correct job title...Handmaiden to the Golden.

Zoe just took all the attention in stride. Once her mission was accomplished, she went back to her nap, secure in the knowledge that Younger Partner was that much more under her spell.

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