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April 2003

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April 23

I've told you before that Whatever's Day (you know---the one that started out being Secretaries' Day and I understand is now being called Administrative Professionals' Day) is not one I care to observe. That's still the case, and no one celebrated it at the law firm. But we did have Office Lunch.

Most days when I get to work (remember, I don't go in until lunchtime) I am greeted with the usual comments---hello, how are you, etc. Today? None of the above. Today's greeting was "We're having pizza. You in?" I'm no fool; of course I was in.

The reason for Office Lunch had nothing to do with Whatever's Day. It was held mainly so that the Senior Partner could have some lunch. He had agreed to be available, with files and fax machine and computer at the ready, for telephone conferences with client who was involved in a large business contract negotiation. It made much more sense for lunch to come to him than for him to leave. And he really doesn't like to eat lunch alone, so he invited all of us to join him.

So, well before I got around to checking my office e-mail (usually my first work-related item), I got to write the lunch check. Then I got to go out to the lobby and wait for the delivery. When the food arrived, I got everyone else to come to the conference room with the more pizza-proof table, then my responsibilities to the other humans in the firm were over and I could just eat. And pet the dog.

I didn't feed Golden Retriever Zoe much of my lunch today, but that's because she was well fed by others at the table. After she ate, she went to get a drink of water. And came back to me to have her muzzle dried.

Hmm. I think I'll change my job title from Administrative Assistant to a higher-ranking one; one which will end any question about whether or not anyone needs to celebrate Whatever's Day on my behalf. I believe I have proved my abilities and am highly qualified for my desired title. From now on, I'm telling people I'm Handmaiden to the Golden.

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