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June 2004

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June 17

Some comments about laptop computers, written (you guessed it) on my laptop computer.

I know there are economic reasons for having desktop computers, and I'm fond of the desktop one I have, though I don't use it often these days. I really prefer to use the laptop. I like being able to move it wherever I want to be. I like the keyboard, because it's flat and I like that from so many years of piano playing.

Sometimes, it's really nice to have the laptop in my lap. Conveniently, the local independent newspaper is just the right size for use as a pad for my laptop computer when it's way too warm to want the computer's heat on my legs. I keep a past week's edition on hand for just such purpose.

Then sometimes things get busy enough in Beckyland that the laptop winds up on the kitchen counter, so I can continue writing or reading or chatting or surfing or whatever while I do things in the kitchen. Because of cord and outlet placement, sometimes that gets a little weird. And it's even weirder if I've brought the television into the kitchen, too.

Then sometimes I just want to curl up to read something online. The laptop makes that pretty easy.

Yes, I do love my laptop. Umm, in case you haven't guessed that already.

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