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April 2004

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April 28

This afternoon found me sitting on the floor in Wendy's office. I was there having a visit with office dog Zoe, who had looked up at me and invited me to have a seat and play with her a few minutes. Wendy wondered if I had seen or sensed something wrong with Zoe, and I replied that no, Zoe just wanted a playmate and I was available.

In other words, today was not the hardest day I've ever worked. But a lot got done before that play session. Kathy had to be out of the office for the day, and I spent a lot of time answering phone calls. I forget, since I don't have to deal with it all that often these days, exactly how much that phone rings.

Come to think of it, the last phone call of the day had interfered with Zoe's treat time, which includes me getting to pet a friendly head in addition to handing out dog treats. Treats got given, but the head-petting was cut short. That may well be why I was the playmate invited for a sit-down visit.

Whyever it was that Zoe wanted company, I'm glad.

April 27

I told you almost a year ago my habit of wearing the birthstone rings of people I care about when I think they might need some special attention.

It's easy enough to do---I see the ring, I think of the person. Lately, though, I've come to realize something else about wearing those rings. They also remind me of who loves me, and from whom I can be certain of moral support.

On days when I'm feeling down, or have a great deal of stress going on, it's lovely to be reminded that I'm not alone in the world. That those I love love me, too. That love reaches out and comes back to make a circle.

Just like the rings.

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