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May 2003

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May 22

I spent a good bit of today sending thought messages to a friend. It's his birthday, and for some reason his e-mail is bouncing. So I went to Plan B in terms of getting a birthday wish to him. Yes, I do have his phone number, but this is a friend with whom I have a long-standing ESP link, and I thought I'd try that first.

For extra-sending-strength purposes, I asked a local friend to help send the thoughts---if she was thinking them too, there was a better chance they'd go where they were intended to go. Oh, it worked. I got his thanks for the wishes (by thought, of course) in mid-afternoon.

Something else I did today was wear an emerald ring. That, of course, is the birthstone for May, and I rarely wear whatever month's birthstone during its month, to prevent confusion. But on birthdays of special friends, I use their birthstones to help remind me of them. If, of course, I happen to have the birthstone. I haven't bought rings in a number of years, and there are some I didn't get around to buying. For those months' friends, I come up with other reminders.

I'm also likely to wear the available birthstones of friends who need some special moral support on any given day. Again, seeing the rings reminds me of the people, and when I am so reminded, I send a thought, or say a prayer, or both.

Don't get me wrong---I'm not using the stones themselves for some sort of mystical reason. They serve as reminders of people who matter in my life, and I like them in their own right, too. Otherwise, I wouldn't have them in the first place. The rings, I mean. Of course, the same is true for the friends.

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