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March 2004

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March 13

Catching up was the theme of the workday on Friday. There were several lower-priority things I hadn't had time to do earlier in the week, and I was glad to have time to get them finished.

But there was one little odd bit. One of the attorneys had made plans to be out of the office all afternoon, but before leaving he had sent e-mail to a client. An hour or so after he left, she called to let us know that she had received six copies of that message.

She wondered if we were having a problem. I went into his office and checked the computer, to make sure it wasn't anything we could fix (as in, something hung in send-mode). Then I called her and after sympathizing, I told her to feel free to block mail from him for the rest of the day, since I knew he wasn't coming back to the office.

We're suspecting this glitch was the latest problem brought on by our ISP upgrading its system. We may need to go give them the lecture about not fixing things that aren't broken.

Catching up extended into today, on a personal level. I got caught up on sleep. I ran a brief errand, followed by taking time to catch up with some journal reading. Then I thought I should catch you up on what I've been doing...

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