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March 2004

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March 11

Back in the day, when Malcolm the dog used to do something egregious, like pee in his food dish, Mother would look him in the eye and say, "Look what you did!" Malcolm would then slink off in shame, knowing that he had once again offended his best human friend. A short while later, they would make up, but for just a bit there, he was the sinner and she the sinned-against.

Kathy was out and I was doing some lobby duty this afternoon. I came very, very close to saying a similar scolding phrase, using that tone of voice, to a misbehaving client who showed up with no appointment. No, he hadn't peed on anything. But he was trying to pester me into making an attorney end a telephone conversation and come to the lobby to speak with him, for "just a few minutes."

After the second time I said this would not be possible, I was pondering how to best fit the client into the office shredder (feet first?), because I knew that if he were to get stupid enough to ask again, I'd have to do something drastic.

In an effort to get the pesky client out of the lobby before the next set of clients was due, I did interrupt the attorney to find out when he had time to see the client. Ordinarily I would have told the client to leave his name and number, but I was being nice.

Then I got whined at (by the client) because there was no time available till Tuesday. I think he was another of those people who thought that asking the same question in a slightly different way would get him a better answer. Didn't work.

He finally left, after saying that he might have to call to rearrange, if something came up. Me, I'm hoping I'm not the person who answers the phone if he does so. I might not be able to restrain the urge to scold.

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