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March 2004

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March 14

Tonight's delight was a Peter, Paul, and Mary special on the local PBS affiliate. I got into it after it had started, but the hour or so that I got to see was was wonderful. I do, after all, love folk music. Before you ask, yes, I sang along.

In the linked entry, I mentioned going down memory lane. I have done some of that today, having nothing to do with folk music. I was describing some of the customs in my family to a friend, and got started thinking about some family gatherings I've enjoyed over the years. Said friend now knows some Becky-family trivia, including that my mother was the oldest of her generation.

In addition to the two things noted above, I've also gone shopping today, to finish the weekend errands. It was a lovely day to be out, and I enjoyed the relative lack of crowds in the stores. I think this being the last bit of Carolina's Spring Break accounted for the lack of crowds.

I was able to get the shopping done and be back home about 45 minutes after I left. That includes a trip across town, by the way. When I know what I want, I don't often take a whole lot of time shopping.

And as usual on weekends, there was some housework done. And some letter-writing, and some journal-reading. Typical, low-key Sunday. Just the way I like them.

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