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October 2003

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October 6

This afternoon at the law firm included an unhappy printer and a very happy dog.

The not-so-amusing part began when I wanted to send a cover letter with a check. My printer had other ideas. It would pull in the paper, start to print, and then start growling at me. Oh, all right, it wasn't really growling. But it was making an unhappy noise.

After two tries, I gave up. I went to one of the other offices and printed the letter and its corresponding envelope and got the check in the mail in plenty of time.

I went back to my office and decided to try printing a test page. I wanted to have something to show the technician, since I intended to take the printer to his shop when I had time. Yes, you do know what's coming next. The test page printed perfectly. The next however-many things I needed to print did, too.

I don't know what gets the credit for the repair. It may have been the invectives I hurled at the printer as I was leaving for the other office. It may have been that I tweaked a tiny part just right when I reached inside to get the second piece of paper out. Or it may have been office dog Zoe's influence. She does run the place, you know.

Zoe was responsible for an amusing moment later in the afternoon. On her walk with Wendy, Zoe found a tennis ball. This one was barely used, and Zoe was most pleased as she brought it back to the office.

She still had it when she got to my office for the customary after-walk treats. She walked in the room, realized she had the ball in her mouth, turned around and went back to the hallway, dropped the ball out there, and came back in for her treats.

In case you don't know dog language, this was her way of letting me know she didn't want to share the ball with me at that time, and under no circumstances did she want to trade it for treats. I got the message loud and clear. I handed out the treats and made utterly no effort to get the tennis ball. I am well trained.

And it was a nice ending to the day.

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