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October 2003

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October 5

Ye gods do I have too much junk and stuff. I've spent a lot of today moving both these commodities, in a continuation of a rearranging project I started last weekend. Next on the agenda for that particular chore is to get rid of some of the junk. Maybe some of the stuff, too.

This rearrange thing got started in an effort to put a chest of drawers back where it works best in my bedroom. That meant moving several other things, and swapping a couple of pieces in the bedroom for some that had been in the living room. Much stuff and junk have been found along the way.

This many years after the fact, it's still sometimes hard to get rid of things that were gifts from Mother, or were hers. Of course, they do wear out or break or get used up. But it's hard.

There are other things that have their own sentimental value to me, even if their monetary value is nil. I have to be in just the right mood to sort through and perhaps get rid of that stuff.

But I'm making some headway. This time, I'm giving myself permission to get rid of a few things I just flat don't like. That will give me some room, and will be freeing up some emotional space, as well.

And I see both of those as being good things.

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