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September 2003

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September 19

So the day after the storm, when your area hasn't had significant damage, is supposed to be a little less complicated, right? Not this day after that storm! Remember that after the storm there comes the clean-up. When that coincides with the lawn service company's usual mowing day, well...

The day began for me when the lawn service crew decided to mow the grass. At 8:00 a.m. Why yes, we did just have an all-day rain yesterday, and gusty winds that broke small tree branches which were all over the yard. And no, I'm never up that early unless it's an emergency. Hi adrenalin!

So I finally managed to get back to sleep, but they weren't through with me.

Hush. I am not paranoid.

Shortly after I got up (at my usual time) they got out the industial-strength leaf blowers. Any leaves blowing toward houses several states away this morning were from my yard. The lawn crew congregated at the exact spot I had parked. There were freshly-mowed grass bits and chopped leaves on the driver's side door of my car, but neither leaf nor blade remained in the parking lot! In case you're curious, the branches that had broken off are now in or under the shrubbery.

I got to the office to discover that the lawn crew had gotten there slightly ahead of me. It happens the same lawn service has both contracts. My office is next to the parking lot, where the lawn crew was once again using the industrial strength leaf blowers.

Did I ever tell you that I have one good ear and one bad? Guess which one was closer to the noise! The droning, very loud noise! The makes-jet-engines-seem-quiet noise!

I put up with it as long as I could stand without going into a complete hissyfit, then went outside to smoke and get away from the lawn crew. I managed to get a building between them and me, which helped a lot. But they were soon where I was again, having gone down a different sidewalk. They were heading over to do another parking lot.

See what I mean? At least they didn't follow me back to my office. I think they lost my scent thanks to the cigarette.

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