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April 2003

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April 22

If I had any sense, tonight I'd be depressed all to hell.

It's coming up on the seventh anniversary of Mother's death, and I've had a rather stressful week so far and it's only Tuesday.

But I'm not depressed. Instead, I'm basically content at the moment. I've been thinking, in the quieter moments of the last few days, how things are going. Purely subjectively, there's more good than bad.

I'm having opportunities to do things I really enjoy. People are recognizing and calling on my strengths in ways that I find profoundly fulfilling. And I'm thriving on that.

I'm actually having moments of enjoying being a grown-up. I always suspected there was more to enjoy about it than just wearing high heels whenever I pleased. I'm glad to know I was right!

Not to dismiss the high heels, of course.

I am making no guarantees that the mood will hold the rest of the week.

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