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January 2003

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January 21

Parts of Tuesday in Beckyland:

There was a problem earlier today with my phone line. As soon as I got to work, I called to have the repair started. An hour or so later, the repairman called to ask if I could come home for a few minutes to let him figure out which phone line outside the building was mine by checking from the inside end of it. Seems there were several dead lines, none of which were marked.

I was happy to help him help me. He did me the kindness of calling and leaving a message on my answering machine, just to let me know the line was fixed. That may be a standard thing, but it was a courtesy I appreciated, nonetheless.

For those keeping up, the computer part has arrived at the repair shop, and the repairman and I arranged that he'll come to the office tomorrow to install it. To make it easier on all concerned, I left the computer at the office and made sure TC knew where it was, just in case the repairman showed up before I did.

And the best news of Tuesday was that although it was cold and rainy, it was not icy. That made getting things done infinitely easier.

Here's hoping Wednesday goes as well as Tuesday.

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