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January 2003

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January 19

Sometimes I hate Sundays. They show up way too fast, and don't seem to have their full allotment of twenty-four hours. This becomes a problem when I've been lazy most of Saturday and need to be ready for work on Monday.

This is one of those Sundays. I'll use as my excuse about Saturday that it was bitterly cold here, and I really didn't want to go outside. So I didn't. That meant the errands needed running today. That was okay, but being inside yesterday didn't mean I did anything useful, like take care of making sure I had clothes ready for the work week. So that got added to the Sunday list.

After running the errands, I did some chores, and did some computer-related things (one of my webhosts has fixed something that wasn't broken, so I had to go into two control panels to fix the fix---but first, since the main computer is out of commission, I had to come up with the addresses of the damned panels), and a little writing for another project.

Which brings us to now, where I'm complaining about that twenty-four hour thing because I'm not quite through with the day but the day is over.

Oh well, I'll just borrow a little bit of the wee hours of Monday.

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