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January 2003

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January 22

Let's see...the computer has a new motherboard, but there is still a minor problem with the keyboard. Sometime tomorrow I'm going to run the diagnostic utilities again, to get a clearer picture of the problem without the complication of a failing motherboard. I will be back in touch with my tech support person if necessary (the keyboard problem was part of the complaint that eventually got me the motherboard).

On the way home from work, I detoured by the grocery store to get a couple of things. I knew it was going to snow, and I knew that it wasn't my fault---I wasn't out of coffee or cigarettes. But if I was going to be staying home, there were a couple of things I knew I'd be happier with more of. So I got them.

I can tell you that in this late night, it's snowing. I can also tell you that the traffic people are suggesting that people stay off the roads. I think I'll take their words to heart and stay home. The roads will probably only get worse; the high for the day is supposed to stay well below freezing.

Hope wherever you spend Thursday, you're comfortable and safe.

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