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January 2003

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January 6

Today's weirdness: a telephone call at work. The caller asked me if I could direct her to the something-or-other proposed ordinance on the website for the Town of Chapel Hill. When I said I couldn't, she went on to ask if I could transfer the call to a clerk who did know the answer.

My reply to that request was that I couldn't. (Yes, I know. I'm no help at all sometimes.) I then suggested that she call the Town of Chapel Hill. You guessed it---she thought she had.

I got curious after she hung up, and checked a list of town department telephone numbers. Sure enough, one of the departments had the same last four digits as our office.

But it does make me wonder once again why people think I answer the telephone with the name of a law firm if I'm actually answering at a bank or a town hall. Of course, I know the answer is they haven't paid attention, and have thought they heard what they wanted to hear.

At least most of them are nice enough to apologize for getting the wrong number. Which is a good thing, since I do have a secret weapon system consisting of a speaker phone and a Zoe who barks. And I'm not afraid to use it.

Zoe, guarding the Selectric, and the woobies.  I know she'd bark at annoying callers if I asked nicely.

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