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October 15, 2001

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Monday Moments

Robbie, of Counsel

I love this picture of Robbie. Wendy took it recently, and I asked for permission to use it. I think it must be his professional photo, since it makes him look every bit the part of a law firm's most senior member.

Apparently today was Aunt Becky's day to pay obesience to the dog. I got up at one point to go outside, shortly after Wendy had taken Robbie out. When they came back to the doorway, nothing would do Robbie but that I come back in with him. Then he led me straight to the biscuit jar (which is a candy jar put to good use). I am, as I have told you before, quite well-trained, so I knew I was to hand out a biscuit. I did my duty, and apparently did it well. I got asked for another biscuit later in the afternoon, without even being led to the jar.

One piece of work-related silliness not related to Robbie was a phone call not intended for the law firm. The firm's phone number is one digit off from a local bank, so it isn't unusual to get misdialed calls. But the caller today really had me wondering what it was she thought she wanted to know.

Of course, the call was answered in the firm's name. But the caller wasn't paying attention to that. She launched into her questions. The first one had to do with closings. Since that's a real estate term, and we don't ordinarily do closings, I told her just that. Her next question was when we sent out our bills. Umm, around the first of the month. Well, what time did we send them? I was beginning to wonder if she were insane, but I told her that we sent them out in the afternoon mail. She then asked a question about deeds and something stamped on them, and that finally prompted me to ask her if she meant to call the bank.

And you guessed right: she did want the bank. But when I told her she had reached a law firm, and apologized for any vague answers, she got so flustered that she hung up on me before I could tell her the correct number.

I was sorry Robbie hadn't answered that call.

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