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October 14, 2001

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Works for Me

I was cleaning the shower curtain liner tonight, and realized it deserves to be commented upon. See, it's lasted over five years. And that's a record here.

A lot of years ago, I bought a cloth shower curtain, that has held up quite well. But it does, of course, need a liner to make it practical.

There are lots of places that sell regulation shower curtain liners, but those liners are pretty flimsy. They will blow in the breeze and not only attack the person showering, but also allow water to escape. They are also seriously bad about ripping. I don't just mean at the top where the hooks go, I mean the body of the liner itself. So the last time I needed a new one, I went in search of something a lot sturdier.

I went to an outlet store (North Carolina has lots of those) that specializes in household linens and accessories. They had just what I thought I wanted: a plain shower curtain that was heavy vinyl. It was only slightly more expensive than the regular liners, which are of much thinner vinyl.

And from the first use, I knew I had made the correct choice. I was delighted that the curtain-turned-liner made no attempt to smack me. Nor did it want to send water cascading all over the place. It was content to stay where it belonged, and do the job of protecting both the outer curtain and the rest of the bathroom from soap and water.

Except for the occasional tears around the hook area (which are easily repaired), the liner is still in wonderful shape. I have saved money not having to replace liners, and have been spared a multitude of frustration.

This may sound trivial in the great scheme of things, but it's yet another reminder that having the small things work well makes it easier to deal with the rest. And that liner really does work for me.

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