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October 2002

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October 28 - Later

I've closed the Cafe Press store. There haven't been any sales in the last few months, so they didn't owe me any commission money. They've changed their terms, too. All in all, it was a good experience, but now it's time to close that shop.

We're having another multi-day rain. It's rainy times like this that remind me that when God promised He wouldn't do the forty-day thing again, He did not rule out thirty-nine...

My home county is divided from its eastern neighbor by a river. (Gaston and Mecklenburg, and the Catawba River, for those geographically inclined.) When we've had rainy times at home, I've been known to suggest to potential guests that they float their arks downriver to Interstate 85 and hang a right. Here in the Chapel Hill area, I'd have to give directions from either the Haw or the Eno, depending on where the boater started.

Okay, enough with the rain jokes. Hope those of you in parts of the world who are coping with really bad weather are coming through the storms well.

October 28

Although I'm not known for being particularly argumentative, two people have tried this week to engage me in arguments. Both failed.

I would have written a ranty piece about why these two people failed, but I'm not in a ranty mood. Actually, at this point, I'm finding both incidents rather funny.

But here is a clue for those who would argue with me about something I've written: make sure you read carefully so you don't give me credit for opinions I didn't express. For an example, just because I say I like chocolate cake, do not assume I don't like other flavors and decide to take me to task about it.

Doing otherwise will get you nowhere.

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