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October 2002

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October 6

Oh dear. I see that Jerry Falwell has made his yearly stupid proclamation---it was around a year ago that he last erupted--- this time stating that he believes Mohammad was a terrorist. He did this latest one in an interview for "60 Minutes."

In this case, the topic of discussion was that there's a lot of support for Israel in the United States. As is often his way, he went into outrageous given the opportunity.

Some concern was expressed that there wasn't much protest of Falwell's comment. My take is that many people think what he has to say is so freaking stupid it's not worth arguing about.

Yes, I know there are people influenced by what he has said. When he makes his statements to the faithful, he is giving credence to their already bigoted thoughts.

I'm not exactly sure how you argue against a bigot's opinions. I personally choose to shine light on bigots, and let them fry themselves. Saves me a lot of work and worry.

So let's hear it for the idiot: at least he has the balls to come out and say things that are so stupid they couldn't possibly have any relationship to the rational. When the lights go on, the man shoots off his mouth. And the more he does so, the more likely he is to shoot himself in the foot.

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