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October 2002

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October 5

Random thoughts for a Saturday:

The political ads in North Carolina are beginning to get tiresome. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have come out with sanctimonious ads for the U.S. Senate candidates. Since I'm not a fan of sanctimony, you can imagine how fast I can hit mute. Let's just say if doing so were an Olympic event, I'd have gold.

The absolute best piece of spam this week won its prize (a laugh instead of a complaint) for originality in greeting. I've gotten into the habit of using, "forums at Becky Says dot com," as my e-mail address for forums when I have to provide one. The spam bots pick that up, of course. The aforementioned best one this week addressed me as, "Dear Forums." I wasn't so enthralled that I remember what they were selling, in case you wondered.

We've had some hot weather this week, which a lot of people find objectionable this time of year. Me, I've just enjoyed the warmth, which I happen to like, and which I consider a treat.

The last couple of days have been really busy ones for me. I'm hoping things are quiet over the weekend.

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