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October 2002

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October 3

There's a funny story about a phone call today at the law firm, along the lines of earlier ones there. But unlike those, this one had a telemarketer who was not about to listen to me.

For purposes of telling the story, the name of the person to whom the telemarketer asked to speak is Mr. Doe. The call came shortly after lunch, and went like this:

Me: Good afternoon, (name of) Law Firm.

Telemarketer: Hello, May I speak with Mr. Doe?

Me: I'm sorry, Mr. Doe is dead. We are the law firm representing his estate. May I help you with something?

Marketer: Oh I'm sorry to hear that. Please accept my sympathy in the loss. I am calling to ask about his telephone service.

Me: It's been disconnected for a while now.

Marketer: I'm calling to see if he would like to take advantage of a special rate for new customers for made-up-name long distance service. We are new to the area, and are offering special deals.

Me: Well, since he's dead, he won't be taking you up on it (thinking surely the twit would hang up at this point).

Marketer: Well, is his phone number (lists a local one. Damned if I know if it was his; i t was disconnected before my time)?

Me: It might have been; but he's dead.

Marketer: Well, who makes the telephone decisions for your law firm?

Me: I do, and we're not interested in changing. Goodbye (and I hung up).

Any more calls for the dead guy will be sent to voice mail.

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