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August 2002

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August 10

David, a while back.This little fellow grew up a while back, and is celebrating his birthday today. Any of you within getting there distance are welcome to join David in the dinner celebration, and all are welcome to add to the birthday greetings.

David in Chapel Hill, April 2001When I met him last year, this is what he looked like.

We have pretty much proved that people don't have to be in the same place for a friendship to thrive. I extend the happiest of birthday wishes to one of my chosen siblings.

Since I'm not within getting there distance, I'll have to miss the gathering. I hope lots of pictures are forthcoming. Speaking of, I appreciate the use of the childhood one.

For me, this weekend is one of catching up. There are some things I want to get done, and some resting. I hope you all are having good weekends, doing whatever it is you need or want to do.

Childhood photo courtesy of David.
Text and adult picture copyright 2000-2002 Becky