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June 2002

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June 11

Oh my. I apparently missed the memo anouncing today as the day to do weird or amusing searches. I figured it out pretty quickly when I checked the referrer logs. In one of the amusing ones (quotation marks mine), someone decided to search for "Becky but." I wonder if the person meant to put another "t" on that, and was searching for pictures. For the record, any exhibitionistic streak I may have does not include butt shots. (Heh---bet I'll get some hits from that one!)

And I got a hit from someone looking for (again, the quotation marks are mine) "girdle+forum+-shoulder+-pelvic+-liposuction+-golden+-diamond," plus at least one other word that got truncated. I have no earthly idea what that person wanted. And I don't think I want to know. The entry of mine which got that hit was this one, in which I extoll the virtues of pantyhose.

Also today I got e-mail from someone who has made the rounds harassing certain online writers (some of whom are mentioned on my links page). For whatever reason, he chose to pay me a compliment and say nothing else. I don't know why that happened, but I'll take it. I did reply (to say thanks), because I decided ignoring him would be rude and because I'm hoping to stay out of the line of his fire.

June 10

I gave myself plenty of time this morning, but was still running tight on time when I left. I keep forgetting this is Chapel Hill in the summertime, when on any given day the likelihood of any given street being torn partway up for something to be repaired is great. Yes, there was street work going on. Yes, I was later than I planned getting to the law firm. Lateness aside, I got a lot done at work, and it went well.

I came home to find that the maintenance people had been in to replace the smoke detector that got flooded last month. In doing so, they unleashed some water leftover from that drainage hose rupture, and had to act quickly to catch the drips. Without looking into cabinets, they could plainly see two containers they could put under the drip: a casserole dish (clean, in the dishdrainer) and a dishpan. You don't really need me to tell you they chose the casserole dish, now do you?

And that was Monday in Beckyland.

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