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January 5, 2001

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Okay, males in the audience, this one might bore you. I'm going to tell the world a Becky-secret. I LIKE panytyhose. I think they're in the top ten favorite things in my life.

To begin with, I absolutely hated the first few years of hose-wearing. The hose I had of the single-leg variety were held up with one sort of garter or other. Usually a girdle with attached garters, actually.

Nope, didn't mind the girdle part. Hated the hose themselves. They were either too short or too long. And most didn't have enough stretch about them to make up for the length problem if they were on the short side.

I am tall, but I wasn't the only tall girl runnning around. And hose made for tall girls were okay (if they weren't too long), but the manufacturers usually assumed if we were tall, we also had humongous feet---which I don't. So I wound up with hose-heels several inches above MY heels.

Pantyhose solved all that. They were designed to stretch, and usually didn't come with pre-formed heels. Nothing had to be attached to anything to wear them, either.

I realize a lot of people gripe about pantyhose, but I really, really like them. And in case you're wondering why I'm telling you, well, I thought you should know what was wandering through my brain today!

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