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June 2002

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June 12

I have just put my camera in my handbag, so that tomorrow I won't forget to take it to work to get pictures of visiting Golden Retriever Zeke and office Golden Zoe. I've meant to all three days this week, but have managed to get in a hurry and leave the camera at home.

Zoe has been busy supervising today, even in those moments when she appeared to be sound asleep. She had to have a meet and greet with someone who may be coming in to help us with the administrative tasks, and greet several clients. During the afternoon hours, she assigned a lot of the work to Zeke. He had to come meet several clients, and make sure he knew where Wendy was at any given moment.

It got really amusing when I was in Wendy's office for a conversation, and Zoe decided to make a point. She came over to my chair and stood with one paw firmly planted on my foot. In case anyone (named Wendy or Becky or Zeke) didn't already know that Zoe owned me, it was to be learned, immediately.

This is not my first encounter with a Golden girl who wanted to show everyone that she owned me by landing on my foot. Several years ago Zeke was in the office to visit one afternoon. The late Misty, our first office Golden, was at work, of course. Wendy needed to go somewhere, so she told the two of them to be good and stay with Aunt Becky. Upon hearing that, Misty came over to my desk and plopped her whole self down so that my foot was firmly held in place.

Zeke settled down a respectful distance in front of the two of us. Both of them stayed where they were until Wendy got back from her errand. Zeke got up and went back into Wendy's office at that point, but Misty remained a while longer. She was quite comfortable.

I am occasionally a good pillow.

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