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November 2001

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November 15

Okay, folks, here you go. This link will take you to the birthday entry. All help to getting me what I really, really want will be appreciated. (How's that for a tease?)

November 14

Tomorrow is my birthday, and the entry for that day is already written. Early tomorrow I'll post a link to it; it's on the domain site so I could do something a little different without changing the diaryland template.

This has been a pleasant day. To start the morning, the client for whom I did the latest batch of research asked me to do some more, and I will be happy to do it. But she has put some constraints on it that I'm not sure will get her the results she wants. Ah well, it's her money.

I'm part of a virtual group of people who sometimes get a little silly. We did this morning: someone posed the question as to what we were all wearing. When it was my turn to answer, I told the truth. I had on a black t-shirt and my underwear. I allowed as to how I would be putting on slacks before leaving the apartment, and that I would probably wear shoes, too.

After putting on the rest of my clothes, I ran an errand before I went to work. Shortly after I walked in the door at the law firm, Wendy and the rest of us left for an office lunch in honor of the younger partner's birthday, which is today. That was a lot of fun. We are all fond of him, and hope this birthday is the starting point of a good year for him. He deserves one, just on general principles.

And I hope I have a good year ahead, too.

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