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November 2001

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November 13

The day can be summed up easily: work and sleep. I did manage to avoid either one to watch the "Frazier" celebrations. The very tiring research project mentioned yesterday (below) is done, for which I'm grateful.

Latest news from this part of the state is that a group of students who took the SAT on October 13 may have to retake it, since their test papers are caught up in the mail center in New Jersey that is being checked for anthrax. Talk about terrorism!

Not much else on my mind at the moment.

November 12

Ye gods. I've just spent nearly twenty hours of my life (out of the past several days), working on a research project for a client. And I have another hour or so to go. This one has been excruciatingly tiring, and has sent me to university websites that left a lot to be desired---like information.

But I'd estimate that well over two-thirds of the sites have something in common besides their .edu status. They have posted in very prominent places instructions on how to deal with incoming mail to avoid contaminating yourself or your office in case the envelope contains anything, uh, contaminating.

A lot of them have made it hard to find snail-mail addresses for themselves, too. Makes sense: if you're scared of postal contamination, getting less mail would be one way of preventing it.

For no good reason this reminded me of a stunt an area college student tried to pull a few years ago. There was a lot of publicity about hotw to avoid getting mail you considered offensive. He decided that would be a good way to get out of paying the power bill---refuse delivery of it. The power company thought that was so funny they cut off his power.

Okay, remembering that one means I'm officially punchy. I need to go get some coffee and finish with the research.

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