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November 2001

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November 16

Well, so far, my birthday has been a pleasant one. You didn't think I was going to limit the celebrating to just one day, did you? Nope, I plan for this one to go on awhile.

The day itself was a fine one. I had a good time at lunch with one of my usual birthday party partners (neither of the others could be there at lunchtime this year, for job-related reasons). The party part (with a third partier) was brief, but lovely---and involved chocolate cheesecake.

Work time went well, and included many good wishes. And the evening was pleasant. Lots of people were in touch, and it was good.

Today has been pretty good, too. I got to spend some time doing a particularly interesting bit of work. And I got to spend some time coddling Robbie, the Golden Retriever.

Any day that includes quality time with Robbie can be considered a good day.

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