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November 3, 2001

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The Button Jar

I've been working on a crafts project, and needed a zipper. That meant checking the stash of stored items to see if I had one the right color. I didn't, but I did make note of the colors I do have on hand. I rarely ever go buy a new whatever if it's crafts or sewing related without checking the stash.

I ran across some buttons while I was checking, and was reminded of a time a few years back when I was doing a favor for a friend. He needed the buttons replaced on his winter coat, and he didn't really have a clue how to sew on buttons. Rather than have him buy jumbo safety pins to attach the buttons, I brought the coat home with me. After looking at all the available buttons he gave me, I realized I would have to buy some to replace those he had lost.

He was happy to pay me for them, but he was surprised that I didn't have a button jar to look through to find suitable buttons. Seems his mother had a button jar, and he assumed that anyone who knew anything about sewing also had one.

After I got through laughing, I pointed out that his mother had been sewing a lot more years than I had, and went on to say that my mother had such a jar, too. (In fact. my mother's button jar is now mine, along with her other sewing supplies. Yes, same jar.)

I really think button jars were one of those things women in our mothers' age group started when they set up housekeeping. It was a good place to put stray buttons, including those leftover from sewing projects and those found popped off garments.

And I'm glad Mother had hers, and kept it well-stocked. I try to honor her by doing likewise. So if you ever need a button...

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