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November 4, 2001

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Sunday Things

There was stuff to be done in my apartment today, but I wasn't in the mood to mess with it. So I did not much of it at all. Instead, I went out to get a few more things from the grocery store, then got busy working with some crafts things. Among other things undone, there are still dirty dishes in the kitchen.

I told you a while back about the phantom and the dirty dishes. Soon thereafter, in the forum, Wendy identified herself as the person from whose kitchen the phantom was snitching food.

Well, that one took a weird twist last week. I walked into Wendy's office, and there on a shelf was a plate matching my set of dishes. I have taken lunch with me, but didn't recall taking that size plate. But I figured it was possible...

The plate, though, was not in the place where things are usually left for me. I finally had a chance to ask Wendy about it, and she said it belonged to her friend DJ. I allowed as to how I was glad to hear that, since I didn't recall forgetting a plate. Wendy said she was, too, since otherwise it meant the phantom was waiting for her to cook and me to do dishes.

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I've had Saundra's news on my mind all day. Go send her some positive thoughts, please.

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