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November 2, 2001

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Another Business Deal Rejected

Remember that I have complained a couple of times about the phenomenon of buy-sell? That's the one where people import crafts items for sale, often at crafts shows, which cuts into the sales that craftspeople can make.

Well, apparently someone in China didn't bother to read those entries. I got two offers yesterday to import crocheted items. The offers came to two different e-mail addresses at my Rebeccaworks site.

The promotion was worded so that I was to believe I was the recipient of a marvelous offer, made to me so that I could attract more business to my site. Yeah, right. The promoter might have clicked on the site once in a while, to see if I was showing the stuff, but all my real customers would have long since gone elsewhere, to find work done by the person selling it.

And I would be stuck with whatever inventory of the exporter I had been silly enough to buy. Like I need to go buy crocheted items.

You should have seen my speedy delete action!

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