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October 26, 2001

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Car News

I had heard a sound like something smacking against a fan blade yesterday when I was driving to work. It could have been nothing, or it could have been (cue ominous music) something seriously expensive.

As you may recall, I have just had the dollar shock of buying a new alternator for Katie the car. I really dreaded having to have anything else done, particularly since damned near anything car-related that is more expensive than a tank of gas is beyond the budget for the moment.

I was almost at the office when I heard it, so I decided to be rational and go on in and work a while. When I was through for the day (pleasantly, it worked out that I wasn't the last person there, in case I needed a ride), the sound wasn't there. I decided it must have been something outside the car or a background noise on the radio, and came on home.

Today, when I went out to go to work, the noise started again. But this time the source was clear, and that made the noise more easily identifiable. It was a leaf, trapped in the vent. I turned on the fan for a few seconds, which did the trick of dislodging said leaf, and I was much relieved. Especially since I've had about all the automotive excitement I can take for one month.

The silence was indeed golden.

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