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October 27, 2001

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Household Favor

Sometimes your power company and your appliances do you favors.

This is the night we who are on Daylight Savings Time are reminded to change our clocks back to Standard Time. But thanks to my power company and my stove, the hardest-to-change clock in the house got itself changed on Friday.

That would be the clock in the stove. It's an analog clock, and the reason it's so hard to change the time on it is that the knob that sets the time also sets the timer. It's a fairly small knob, that has to be pulled out to reset the time. It's not easy to set the clock part without also making the timer go off several times. That, of course, means you have to reset the timer when you're through.

There was a power outage Friday morning, before I got up. I realized it when I looked at a blinking LCD, but that didn't tell me how long the power had been off. I didn't discover that till I went into the kitchen and noticed the time showing on the clock on the stove.

It was exactly an hour off the correct time. That would be the exact amount (and direction, of course) to which the clock would have needed to be set tonight to end DST.

I'm no fool. I knew that was a gift and should be used wisely, so I said thank you for the favor to the stove and the power company, and left the clock alone.

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