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October 13, 2001

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Silliness for The Evening

I was working on a web page template tonight, and needed to see how the page would look with text. As is usual for me when needing text, I started out writing about the quick brown fox. And then got silly with it.

You know, the quick brown fox who jumped over the lazy dog. That's the sentence that has all the alphabet in it, and is very useful in terms of testing typing and fonts, etc.

Tonight's version of the fox jumping went like this:

The quick brown fox is still at it. He seems to jump over that lazy dog every chance he gets. I do believe the lazy dog is Robbie, Wendy's elder statesman. See, Robbie has the personality to allow such silliness.

Robbie's such a gentle soul that stepping across him has never been a problem. Which is a good thing, since he's a huge dog. Okay, not by Great Dane standards, but in terms of Goldens, he's large. Not fat at all, just huge.

So he would wonder why in the world a quick brown fox wanted to bother with so much jumping silliness, but he wouldn't get upset about it.

That turned out to be enough text for me to see what the page would look like with the settings I had chosen for it. And I do truly believe Robbie would let the fox do whatever jumping he pleased to do.

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