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August 31, 2001

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Da Bills

I had forgotten just how much work is involved in doing a billing for the law firm. Today was send-the-bills day, and I'm tired. All I did with this batch was the mechanical parts---the making of copies, the stuffing of envelopes, and running the stuffed envelopes through the postage meter.

Those are the easy parts!

In times past, I have also helped with the entering of information into the billing program the firm uses. I enjoy doing that, and will be doing it again, but there wasn't time to get me set up doing it in the few days I was there in August.

It's a good kind of tired, though. It was good to get so much done. The office itself was fairly quiet; even the phone cooperated by not ringing too often. I guess the fact that we're heading into a holiday weekend meant people decided their need to speak with an attorney could wait a few days.

This is short, since I need to go nighty-night!

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