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September 1, 2001

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When asked to give my age in introducing myself to a group of people, on a message board, for example, I usually refer to myself as ageless. There's a reason for this: that's how I see myself. I know exactly what the numbers are, thanks, but I do not want to be judged one way or the other on that.

I have long refused to be boxed in to definitions based on some small part of the whole. The whole of me transcends age. I have, for instance, had an arthritic knee since I had a bad fall when I was a child. Arthritis is considered something that goes along with aging. Well, if that were always true, I would have become old at age three!

My mother often said of me that I was thirty when I was born (she meant it as a compliment). I guess that's why hitting that age didn't have the negative connotations for me that it did for many other people I knew. I looked on it as being a good age to quit worrying over the things in life I wasn't good at doing, and rejoice in the things I do know. To oversimplify, it became all right that I was no good at painting pictures, and very good at playing the piano.

As for mid-life crises, I followed the example set by a friend a few years ago. He hit a landmark birthday and took a week off to have a crisis. I thought that was an excellent plan, so on my next vacation, I got mine over with.

I haven't worried too much about aging, since it will come whether or not I worry over it. I do try to take care of myself, but the older I get, chronologically, the more I really believe a good attitude helps minimize the impact of the years.

Try it. Ageless is a good age.

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