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July 19, 2001

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Doing Business

I know there are people who really need to know how to do these things, but I get the giggles every time I read a business services newsletter that has an article about hiring a new employee, or dealing with office gossip. Neither of these is an issue in my one-person business.

I don't need to hire anyone, since I can manage the client load. And that's a good thing, since the office space in Beckyland is a little on the sparse side, in terms of where someone else could work. Especially if the employee wanted amenities like a desk.

And the office gossip around here is minimal. I will occasionally comment to myself about a typo I've made, or something of that nature. But I am not really big on the notion of dissing myself. There are just more fun things to do. I promise, however, to deal with the issue if it arises.

I'm glad I don't have these issues, or other larger-staff ones, to deal with in my business. And the truth is, it still fascinates me that I have my own business, and that other people know I have it.

I kept the first piece of mail that came addressed to the business name, even though some might consider the thing junk mail. It was polite; a letter from a local company that does offset printing, welcoming my business into the community and asking me to keep them in mind for future need. Since they were nice about it, I will. Not that I think I'm going to need them, but you never can tell.

But I think I'll take a chance and delete the newsletters with sure cures for office gossip.

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