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July 18, 2001

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A Year of Rebeccaworks

A year ago in the early hours of the morning, I was writing e-mail to David, and interrupted myself to go check on the availability of a domain name. The name was available, so I registered Rebeccaworks. Then I came back and finished the note I had been writing.

I knew I liked the name, Rebeccaworks, and I was pleased when other people said they did, too. It's easy to remember, and it has a little bit of whimsy in it---at least to me. It strikes me as evoking the same sort of happy feelings I get when I think of Santa's workshop. In case you missed it in an entry last fall, I say it as you would say metalworks---not as Rebecca works, then Rebecca plays.

It has been an interesting year since I registered that name (and yes, for the curious, I renewed the registration in plenty of time). The site itself went live in September, with an index page and an overview of the other things that would come. As time went on, more was added to the site. In early February this year, it got a major redo, with lots of new information and the logos David did for me. I learned fairly rapidly that the person who first noted that a website was like a baby, and required much tending-to, had spoken the truth.

The Crafters Links page has seen the most change since it went live. That's due to people on the page changing URLs, mainly. And a couple of people, for legitimate reasons, missed the deadline for getting onto the page in its original form, so they got added. I am happy to make those sorts of changes, since I'm sure if I were the one changing information, these people would do the same for me.

And as I told you, yesterday I went in and did some tweaking. I did a little more after I wrote that entry. I'm about through tweaking, but I've enjoyed doing it. It was like putting some new clothes on the baby. Same child, new outfit.

Now she's happy, and I'm happy with her. Come visit any time!

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