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May 28, 2001

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Remembering Dalton

My friend Dalton Stowe died tonight. I am sorry to see him leave the world, because he was a fine human being and will be missed. But for him, it was merciful. He was diabetic, and the last year or so of his life had been fraught with complications of the disease.

Dalton had been Postmaster back in Dallas, North Carolina, for a lot of years. I don't remember exactly when he retired, but the Post Office was never the same without him. He knew just about everyone in town, and had kind things to say about them. He was also active in local church and civic organizations.

He was also widely regarded as an expert in genealogy. He taught special-interest courses in this field at the local community college. A couple of years ago when a friend of mine was interested in learning the basics, I wrote to Dalton for advice to pass along to her. He wrote a wonderfully detailed letter, which I shared with my friend the newcomer.

Dalton and his wife were the first two people in town to whom my father introduced my mother. He told her they would be good people to know, and he was right. They and their two daughters have been friends of mine all my life. They survive him, as do a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Among other things Dalton did was write articles for the local paper, on human interest topics. I still have copies of an article he wrote about my father's death. This is my small way of repaying him for that kindness.

May he rest in peace.

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