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May 29, 2001

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Comments for a Tuesday

I saw another forum thread today about online journals, that had to do with why someone might not read certain journals. No, it wasn't specific journals being mentioned, just general comments. The one that cracked me up was a babychild who announced he wouldn't read journals written by people who were way older than he was. I guarantee you I didn't make his cut. I also guarantee you he's missing some fine writers if age is a major factor for him.

I'm never quite sure what threads like the one mentioned above actually accomplish. But I'm glad, when I read them, that I've gained some perspective. I don't get all defensive about it if people post that they don't read sites that (fill in the blank), and I realize the post is describing a site painfully close to just like mine. Instead, my mental response is, "Oh, well!" Yes, that's cleaned up.

One of the things I will say about forums is that they attract an interesting lot of people. I'm more likely to read than post on most of the ones I visit, in part because I don't always have time to formulate a reply to the post. And in part because I don't have anything to say on the subjects at hand. I'm more likely to respond when things I know something about are up for discussion, but if I'm the fifteenth person in line to agree that the first post makes a good point, well, I probably will take a pass.

Then there are days when I feel so strongly about what has been posted that I come back here and do a whole entry about it.

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In the "It couldn't happen to a nicer site!" department: Did You Bring Bottles? has been named a Yahoo! Pick of the Week. Way to go, David!

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I thank all who have written regarding the death of my friend, Dalton.

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