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May 27, 2001

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All Connected

I will tell you that when I first read David's journal eighteen months ago, I had no idea I would be sitting here today with my very own, having my site linked in a ton of places, and having helped crack an Internet hoax.

It has been quite a trip getting here from there. And the trip has involved a lot of strands of the World Wide Web, all connected.

But in the connectness that is the World Wide Web, people wind up in strange roles. For example: this week alone I have been referred to as a former reporter (guess it was submitting items to a church newsletter that got me that title; or my gig as a columnist for the high school paper), an Internet expert (okay, that's flattering), and an Internet weirdo (okay, that's not flattering).

Tonight, taking a break from the Kaycee coverage I was reading earlier, I wound up in another role, that of consultant to an entrepreneur-hopeful. I answered (by e-mail) a set of questions from a woman who wants to perhaps start her own business services business (now that's an awkward phrase). She was asking general questions, related to information she found at my Rebeccaworks site. I was glad to be able to share some information with her.

She had found me through the profile of me at Idea Cafe a few weeks ago. And they're getting a mention in part because they sent me a nice t-shirt. They do that for the people they profile, and mine came yesterday.

Another reason to mention Idea Cafe is that it goes back to the point I was making about connectedness. I heard of that site from someone else on the crafters' mailing list. It was through joining that group (also in November of 1999, as it happens) and reading the posts from group members that I realized I wanted a website for my business.

And through things related to the reading of online journals that I now have both a journal site and a business site. The business site has logos designed by David.

See? All connected.

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