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October 22, 2000

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Sunday Thoughts

If you haven't had a chance to add to the Happy Birthday message for Candace, you're still welcome to do so, if you'd like. Just come here and scroll down to add a reply. Thanks to all of you who have sent greetings!

I've always preferred to celebrate my birthday on or after its actual date. This comes from years of being the afterthought birthday. See, my mother's birthday was four days before mine, and she'd get greetings from lots of family members that included messages for me. It would be something like, "Happy Birthday, Mary, and tell Becky to have a Happy Birthday on hers, too!"

I had to be nice about it (more because Mother would have strangled me if I weren't than out of politeness on this one), but it did not make me feel special at all. And you should feel special on your birthday.

Yes, thanks, Mother always did make a fuss over me on my birthday. And so did my friends.

Once I left for college, I decided I had celebrated my birthday early for the last time. And I've pretty much stuck to that. I've told my friends that I don't care if they celebrate my birthday a month late, just don't ask me to do it early, please. And if cards arrive early, I keep them for the day.

Of course, if someone else wants to celebrate his of her birthday early, that's fine by me. This is a strictly personal thing.

* * * * * * * * * *

And there has been some pleasant response to this entry. One person did ask if something had made me angry, sparking the entry. No, the reason is that I wanted to state my feelings out loud, in case anyone wondered where I stood.

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