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October 20, 2000

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Friday and a Favor

This was another one of those nights when I decided sleeping was more important than much else I could do. Friday was a very long day, mostly good, thanks, but long.

It began with realization that I absolutely had to run an errand, which got done in short order because I needed to get back to work. I was only mildly startled to see Christmas decorations on display at my local store. I think they still had Halloween stuff out, too, but it wasn't as prominently displayed.

The work got done, and sent off to the client.

Along the way, I realized I was terribly sleepy. That brings us back to where I began.

And now I want you to do me a favor. My very favorite child in the world is having a birthday on Saturday. She's Candace, and is the daughter of my friends Donna and Ronnie. Candace turns eleven. And I'd like her to get some unexpected greetings. I'll make it easy for you: just come here, scroll down to the Happy Birthday, Candace, message, and add a reply to it.

I'm not quite sure how Candace got to be eleven. I'm sure it was just a few minutes ago that she was a tiny baby, sound asleep with her head on my shoulder the first time I met her. She was two weeks old, and was, of course, the most adorable baby on earth.

Now, she's a smart, accomplished young lady, and I'm so proud of her I could pop. She does well in school, is a talented young artist, and is an all-round good kid. Yes, I'm showing partiality here. I'm her Aunt Becky, and it's appropriate. But she is that smart and talented...

A couple of years ago, she paid me a really high compliment---I was visiting Donna, Ronnie, and Candace, and had taken along something I was crocheting, so I could work on it as we visited. Candace got interested in what I was doing, and asked me to show her how. I did, and was very pleased that she followed up on what she had been shown how to do.

So join in the celebration, please. You'll make a wonderful girl happy, not to mention her Aunt Becky.

And it's okay if you read this late---come add a greeting, anyway!

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