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December 2013

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Of Late December - December 31

This was supposed to be a Christmas week entry. So much for that! I got busy, then caught a cold that was going around work. Finally tonight I feel like I might live to see a cold-free day again.

So, in short:

For Christmas I gave myself an inexpensive sewing machine, because mine got lost in the 2011 move. Haven't really played with it because I haven't felt well enough, but that's on the agenda for this week. I did watch the beginning part of its instruction DVD.

Also for Christmas, I gave some money to the lady whose fundraising supports a free soup kitchen (note to the locals: not the main one in town). A few years ago when I was so poor that food itself was a luxury, she gave me a candy cane. I saved it for Christmas that year, for a treat. I told her why it meant so much to be able to give her a little money this year. We both had to try very hard not to cry.

New Year's Eve after work saw me running a couple of errands downtown while wondering who put out the word that the world was invited to Chapel Hill for the afternoon. There was to be a Carolina basketball game starting later, but most of the people I saw looked more like tourists than basketball me, after this many years here, I can pretty much tell the difference. These folks were wandering around with toddlers and dogs in tow. Or towing them, as the case might be.

I got home with neither toddler nor dog, and am now watching a movie. I'll hear the game score later.

I hope you have a splendid end to 2013 and a very Happy New Year!

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