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December 2013

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Of Early December - December 9

It's just as well that I decided to take a pass on doing Holidailies this year. My main reasons were I'm out of the habit of daily writing and really try to refrain from making promises I doubt I can keep. But as December is going, it's just as well.

Nothing bad is going on, just incredibly, overwhelmingly busy days, trying to end one year and be prepared for the next one to start. The only holiday thing I'm going to do this year is a card exchange I haven't been financially able to do in the past several years.

I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm going to church most weeks. I have been, for about a year and a half. It's a small congregation, which is big enough to suit me, and even though I'm not a member (my membership is elsewhere), I feel a strong connection.

So yesterday was the Sunday for Lessons and Carols. I was one of the readers, and loved doing that. I've always loved reading aloud. For me, the trick is to practice the reading so I can get things like questions and exclamations right. That occasionally means I read to the furniture.

The only tricky part of yesterday's service was when we sang the first hymn, which happened to be, "O Come, All Ye Faithful." That's a favorite, and as it happens, the hymnal we were using had included the Latin of the first verse. Longtime readers will perhaps remember that I sang that Latin verse for my Latin-teacher mother at a Christmas eve service years and years ago.

I didn't sing the Latin this time, but I was keenly aware of how much I missed my mother at that moment. I wound up singing with tears rolling down my face. I did manage to stop crying before my turn to read, but it was close.

As to the busy times, they will pass. Meanwhile, if any of you know how to clone oneself, I'm interested!

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