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December 2010

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Catching Up - December 13

I'm not participating in Holidailies this year, because I know I don't have it in me to do daily entries right now. I am enjoying reading entries, and send my best wishes and thanks to all who are participating.

So, among other things I've been up to:

I broke one of those shopping rules that "everyone" knows, about how crazy it is to grocery-shop on the day before Thanksgiving. Turned out my store was no busier than usual, and my shopping was done in good time.

Same shopping trip had other nice things associated, courtesy of a bus driver and a couple of flukes in the schedule. For one, I managed to catch a bus I thought had already left downtown, which meant no waiting for the next one on my way to the store. And for another, when I got back downtown I happened to see the bus that, after it went the rest of its trek, would return to downtown and head to my apartment.

There weren't many people on the bus, so I asked the driver if he'd mind if I rode the rest of the route with him instead of waiting till he got back to my stop. It was fine with him, so I had a chance to see parts of the campus I don't usually visit, instead of waiting downtown.

In non-bus news, I was probably the last person on earth to find out that it is now possible to tell gmail that you don't want two or more e-mail messages locked into one conversation. I am extremely pleased about that, since their grouping things was something I really didn't like.

I am sorry that Elizabeth Edwards died. I watched the funeral, and truly appreciate the family's allowing it to be telecast. The Westboro folk felt the need to come protest, but they were not allowed to do so closer than two blocks down the street from the church. And they were met by a much larger counter-protest group across the street. I love how local police forces have decided how to keep the peace (and the dignity) while still allowing the Westboro crowd to exercise their free speech rights.

And wrapping this up, I'll share pictures I should have shared over a week ago, since that's when we had the snow.

Snow on shrubs - 12-4-10

Snow - 12-4-10

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