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July 2010

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Odds and Ends - July 31

IMPORTANT: I'm changing some things around regarding the Rebeccaworks website. As a result, it isn't currently available, and that includes e-mail. Please use the journal contact e-mail to reach me until further notice. Notifies will be sent from that address, too.

So July ends. It's been a challenging month, the details of which will be kept to myself. I will say the challenges are dwindling.

When Bill Friday's birthday was celebrated the one thing I kept thinking was how much I wished my friend Dalton was still alive to come attend the party (to which all were invited). He and Bill were schoolmates, and Dalton thought the absolute world of him. Oh, by the way, I skipped the party. I'll extend belated wishes the next time I see Bill, but I really didn't want to get in the middle of a huge crowd on an extremely hot afternoon. I would have gone had Dalton been here.

I've been invited to consider participating in a crochet project that would be very interesting if we can work out the details to suit all concerned. I'll tell you more if it comes to be.

And on that note, I'll wish us all a wonderful August!

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